Realtor$ Make More Money in Sluggish Sales Market by Listing Rentals

Ready for the opening day

Image by Steve-h via Flickr

There are some interesting things happening when it comes to doing business in the current environment.

• If it used to take 30 days to get a transaction closed, it now takes 120 or more
• If it used to take 20 contacts to get someone to listen to you, it now takes 100 or more
• If someone was inclined to do business with you before, they are now inclined to make sure they are getting the best deal regardless of their relationship with you

It’s a scary world for your clients. As a result, you must recognize this and change the way you approach “sales,” or you are likely to suffer.*

Now contrast that with the RESIDENTIAL RENTAL SHOWING AGENT.   We close deals every day.  The paycheck is less than a traditional sale, but it adds up.  Agents do not have to move their license from their current broker.  There is no additional overhead.  All commission earned on rental showings goes straight to the bottom line. So when you have a client interested in renting, simply list the rental with us and earn a commision just like a sales listing.

Don’t let this market scare you.  Supplement your sales income with commissions from rental listings.

Bill Kenner

*(reprinted from “Don’t Sell Me…Help Me!” by Jose Perez in RISmedia)

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